Training Courses & Pricing

Check here the details of different training courses we offer.

1. Advanced SEO Course

This course will provide you complete training that is needed to become an expert in SEO & secured a good job in a company. This course is best for

  • people who are looking to work in a company as an SEO specialist.
  • bloggers who does not have idea of how to take their blog to the next level.
  • small business owners who want to promote their business online.
  • network marketers who want to promote the MLM company they are working with.

Advanced SEO Course Structure

Check what you are going to learn in advanced SEO course. I am sure, you will not find many of the things which are important here in any other SEO training course.

  Search Engine Basics   Keyword Research   Best On-Page SEO Tricks
  Important SEO Glossary   Page Rank Theory   Secret of Big SEO companies
  Role of WordPress   SEO Outsourcing Secrets   Domain Selection
  Social Media Importance   Anchor Text Management   Panda & Penguin Effect
  Recommended SEO Tools   Blackhat Vs Whitehat   Local Places

seo secrets

Course Duration – 25 hours
Course Fee – INR 25,000 , INR 20,000 for a limited time

2. Advanced SEO + Blogging + AdSense + Affiliate Marketing

This is the most recommended course. Not only you will be able to do everything that you can do in Advanced SEO but you will also be able to make good money on internet. Google AdSense & affiliate marketing are the best things to make money. Thousands of bloggers in India are making good money through this.

Course Structure

Check what you will learn in the the hottest course of our academy. You can more option on this here.

  Advanced SEO As in Course #1   5 Ways to Generate Contents
  Keyword Research for AdSense   AdSense Approval & Its Use
  What is WordPress & Why WP for AdSense   Best Secrets of AdSense
  How to Create Blog With AdSense   Affiliate Marketing Training
  How to Design Best WordPress Blogs   Make Money with Your Blogs

Course Duration – 40 hours
Course Fee – INR 75,000 INR 45,000 for a limited time

3. Digital Marketing Course

This course is recommended for people who want to make a career in SEO industry and also want to learn other ways of marketing like social media & pay per click (PPC). Although taking a basic knowledge of SMM & SEM is always an added advantage but there is no need for an SEO specialist to get in depth knowledge of this.

Course Structure

Have a look what you are going to learn in digital marketing course-

  Advanced SEO As in Course #1   Important Social Media Platforms
  Training for Google AdWords   Facebook Marketing
  Training for MSN Ad Center   YouTube Marketing
  Importance of Social Media   Twitter Marketing

Course Duration – 35 hours
Course Fee – INR 70,000 INR 40,000 for a limited time

4. Internet Marketing Course

Internet marketing course is the combination of all 3 the course above. This is best for someone who is serious about online career.

Course Structure

Check what you can learn in the complete internet marketing course we offer

  Advanced SEO As in Course #1
  Blogging with WordPress
  Google AdSense & Affiliate Marketing
  Social Media Marketing
  Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

Course Duration – 50 hours
Course Fee – INR 1,00,000 INR 70,000 for a limited time

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