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If you are a person who is searching for online income opportunities or wants to start his own business or simply want to make some extra income from the comfort of their home then there is a good news for you.

We have started new training programs where people can learn how to make career or extra income on internet. There are number of online jobs and opportunities where if you work 2-3 hours daily then you can earn sufficient income.

We have number of options depending upon your needs. You can check the details of training program here-

1. One day training

If you are a home maker, student or retired person then you can attend this training program. You can go through this list of online jobs which we are going to cover in this program.

  • Duration of training for these online jobs: 6 hrs
  • Fee: Rs. 4000/-

We conduct this training on every 2nd & 4th Sunday. You need to book 1 week in advance for this one day training program.

2. SEO, Blogging, AdSense & Affiliate Marketing

We have already provided the details of this training on this page. Check the program number 2 on this page.

AdSense is one of hottest online job opportunity for Indian but its not that easy. You need to become the expert in SEO & blogging to earn from AdSense.

I am making money from AdSense from the last 8 years and currently I make more than $5000 from AdSense.

This is 100% practical course and you will be working on live projects from the day 1.

I can guarantee you that nobody in India can teach you better than me even with double price than this.

  • Duration of this course: 60 hrs
  • Timing: 3 hrs every Saturday & Sunday.
  • Fee: Rs. 40,000/-

Due to the time constraint, I don’t take more than 3 students in 1 month. The batch for September 2014 is full.

So if you want to join October 2014 batch then you can join in advance.

3. One year training

This is the ultimate course. If you join this course, then you will become an expert in internet marketing after completing this course.

This is the most recommended course for people who are passionate about online career. It will be equivalent to one year diploma from any big institute.

You’ll have number of choices after doing this course. You can

  • Start your own business successfully
  • You can become a successful blogger & earn a very good income
  • You can easily get the SEO expert job in any good company. Your experience will be equivalent to 2 years.
  • You can work as a freelancer.

The course duration will be 1 year.

You need to visit our office to know more details about this course.

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