About Us

Pritam Nagrale is a leading authority when it comes to SEO. He owns dozens of popular blogs including MoneyConnexion.com, SureJob.in etc. He earns a 7 figure income through blogging.

He has more than 8 years of experience in internet marketing. There is hardly any way on internet he has not made money from.

He had started SEO training institute in Mumbai & has trained hundreds of students successfully. Many of his students are doing well in this industry.

He doesn’t believe in theoretical learning because theory is something that don’t give results. Many of the institutes you visit for training provide only theoretical training because they have learned that way. We believe in practice and what you learn here is the same.

What we are –
SEO & internet marketing is our core business and we talk this language only.
We adopt the changes immediately as it happens in the SEO world.
We believe in 100% each & do not hold back anything.
We provide support and lifetime updates to all our students.

What we are not-
We don’t teach you something you will forget after 2-3 days.
We don’ teach same old techniques all the time. You learn only what is applicable today & how can you upgrade yourself with time.

We don’t teach you something that does not produce results.

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