Today Digital Marketing has become one of the most important factors of any business planning.

To be more precise, Digital Marketing is the most assuring ways to attain an organizational objective in today’s challenging and very competitive business environment.

Today a layman is spending more time on the Internet rather watching Television and all other mainstream media like newspapers, radio, magazines etc combined.

Digital marketing is going to generate thousands of jobs in India.

In order to get ahead, you need quality training for digital marketing.

I am Pritam Nagrale, Founder of India's top blogs MoneyConnexion & SureJob.


If you are serious about Digital Marketing Career then Pritam Nagrale's Digital Marketing Course is your answer.

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Advanced SEO Course

Good for people looking for entry-level SEO executive jobs. Its a one & half month course that will help you to become an expert in SEO field.

Advanced SEO + Blogging

If you want to become a professional blogger like me then you can go for this. In fact, 80% of the people join my institute for SEO & blogging course only.

Full Digital Marketing Course

If you are serious about digital marketing career & want to make it big then you can go for complete digital marketing course. It's a 6 months course.


It's so much fun to make money from blogging. I make around $5000 a month & travel all around the world. I started blogging 4 years back after taking the training from Pritam Nagrale's digital marketing institute. Initially, it was tough but continuous guidance & motivation from Mr. Pritam made me successful in blogging.

Manish Bisht

I have already completed SEO training in another institute. Although, I was able to get a job in SEO company but I thought I am missing something. After 1 year, one of my friend suggested me to try this SEO training at Malad. Then I got the real meaning of SEO from this training.

What I learned in my earlier training was completely different & that was the prime reason I have not promoted to senior SEO in my company. I am 100% confident, not only I will get promoted, I can find a much better job in another company. Thanks for your valuable guidance during this training.