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I am Pritam Nagrale from the financial Capital and dream city of India i.e. Mumbai. It’’’ am from the engineering background and self employed. I am an internet marketer and blogger by profession.

It’s been more than 12 years I am devoted to the online field and made money from various internet related businesses. I started my online career in 2003 being as a super seller on (now its

Being there, I came across an eBook "GoogleCash" written by Affiliate Marketing Guru Mr. Chris Carpenter. It was an awesome eBook ever written by any author on affiliate marketing and from then onwards I got exposed to the Internet marketing world.

I started my affiliate marketing in 2004 with Commission Junction (CJ), the biggest Affiliate Program Provider and still CJ is. I made good money promoting some of the best advertisers in CJ. After that I have worked with so many affiliate marketing companies.

I used the power of Google AdWords and AWeber auto responder for online marketing. I am also making good money with Google AdSense from the last 8 years and I think this is the most successful program you will ever find on internet to make money.

I am also a blogger and write on Blogging, SEO Tips and Make Money Online Programs. Blogging is now a days one of the hottest field on internet and there are more and more people on internet expressing what they know through blogs.

Some people choose blogging as the way of making money and some people like to express their view through blogs and share their knowledge with the world.

First time I have published my blog earnings on MoneyConnexion. Today I earn much more than this. If you are looking to make career in internet marketing then that is a must read article.

Currently I am focusing on few of my new blogs. I am also running an SEO training Institute in Mumbai where you can learn SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing etc. Check my website mentioned below for more details.

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